a singular encounter

450.     one hour

600.     one hour + half

800.     two hours

1500.     four hours

2800.     eight hours

3600.     twelve hours

overnight  additional 1000/per night

"once is never enough"


offerings for the true hedonist & truly appreciated

a complimentary 2 hours

when donations reach $5000 within 3 months- Jana will treat you!


beck & call.

a monthly donation of $10000 gives you Jana whenever you want.



a monthly donation of $20000 gives you Jana all to yourself.

rates for the singular occasion

modern connection

rates for video chat

$75 per 15 minutes


Your patronage is enough. Gifts are by no means

 necessary, but they are welcomed. Indulge me and

the appreciation will be returned 10-fold. Let me 

make it easier by showing you some beautiful things i convent.

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