Rules of Engagement

first contact

  • no phone calls. please communicate thru text or email.
  • new guests: do not engage in inappropriate conversation.
  • new guests: screening is required- its painless, promise. [learn more]
  • please, please, please... no dick pics 
  • all same-day engagements must allow 2hrs preparation
Cancellation Policy
cleanliness is next to.....

Your pleasure and satisfaction mean everything to me. With that in mind, I make every necessary effort to make every scent, every taste & every touch perfect. I expect the same from a lover. 

After our introduction, please excuse yourself to freshen up in the bathroom. Towels, non-scented soaps, mouthwash and shaving products are available when you visit.

Life does unexpected things sometimes and what we want to do is NOT always what we have to do. If you have been thoughtful enough to pre-book an engagement with me, I will confirm our date either the day before or the morning of....
if YOU need to CANCEL our engagement: It's very important that I have adequate time to replace our time with another friend. I will not require a cancellation donation if I've received your cancellation within 48 hours or more prior to our engagement. However, all cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be asked to give a 50% courtesy donation.
If I need to CANCEL our engagement: Like you, I will have days that turn down the path of the unexpected and if I am to ask you to value my time, I will value your time as well. If my cancellation is 48 hours or less prior to our scheduled encounter, I will gladly ADD a complimentary 30 minutes to our next scheduled engagement.

Please note: If canceling becomes a bit of a habit for you, I reserve the right to request a 50% donation when scheduling.

I meet a select group of gentlemen per week. If you are new to this select group, then it is imperative you complete the screening process. Please select one of the three options- one is for those with provider references and the other is for those without. References are like having a friend vouch for you... if you get a glowing review, I can schedule our engagement. If you do not have a reference, you will need to provide more information about yourself. If you do not feel comfortable sharing this information, I understand that discretion is paramount for some of my patrons. If you are among those that require strict discretion, I am willing to meet for a brief 15 minute coffee date in lieu of screening. There is a $100 face-to-face screening fee.  If you are unable to meet in person, you may choose FaceTime for face-to-face screening. The same fee applies.


If we have not yet had the pleasure to meet, email and text is my preferable means of communication. There is a caveat to texting though. Communication should be limited to scheduling an encounter. I do not "sext" or send photos with friends I have not met. Please refrain from discussing sexual expectations. I will confirm the time and duration of our engagement the day before. 

Once confirmed, I will provide my address.

Please, please respect our mutual desire for discretion and only use this number to schedule our next date. Your privacy is of paramount importance to me and I will never send you an untimely text or call out of the blue. I appreciate the same courtesy.